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Comlink R & D ·Activity Style

Release time:December 15, 2020

The R&D-Department of our company organizes outdoor activities for its employees, so that they can fully appreciate outdoor experience outdoor projects with various forms, lively and interesting and full of challenges. Outdoor development training belongs to experiential training, which is vivid, flexible and interesting. It can stimulate employees' potential ability, improve their personal qualities, establish confidence, explore their potential, cultivate team spirit, and experience their own physiological and psychological limits, so as to improve their psychological quality and overall combat ability, and promote the common progress of themselves and enterprises in cooperation.

   On the morning of November 1st, the partners of R&D gathered at the entrance of the company, and all of them got on the bus in same dressing , talking and laughing, and went to the activity destination- Dream Baihuazhou.

    During the event, the partners wore the uniform clothing of "Yang Kim Electronics, Wolf Travel the World" and took photos under the beautiful scenery, forming a beautiful landscape.

Under the leadership of the coach, our R&D partners are divided into several groups, and they work together to complete various challenges and win the competition actively, which fully reflects the fighting spirit of our R&D group.

The following activity fully embodies the dedication of everyone for me and me for everyone. Just as our partners dedicate their youth and talents in the company, the company will create a better platform and future for us.

  In order to fully reflect and promote the cohesion and unity of our partners, it is the best embodiment of your activity challenges that you overcome difficulties and complete tasks without fear of difficulties.

In the cooking stage, all the masters are in the folk, so let's cook food with firewood in an ecological restaurant with our friends. Let's combine the taste of hometown with the characteristics of "Jianghu cuisine" and share it with our friends. Everyone says that the hometown is beautiful, so we should start with food

Finally, let us from all over the world get together, gather in Yang Kim, raise a cup of wine and share delicious food in the meal.

If we set up a team spirit to meet the requirements of the new era we will lay a solid foundation for the sustained and healthy development of the enterprise, so as to unite the hearts and strengths of every employee, make all employees gather together, give full play to their intelligence and wisdom, tap unlimited potential, work harder, promote the rapid development of the enterprise and obtain good economic benefits.